How to choose BIONICBAND®?

How to choose the BIONICBAND®?

Each bracelet improves and harmonizes all areas. The only difference is that each frequency is more effective/stronger in harmonizing a different part of the body. For maximum benefit is the best to have all the frequencies and change them as needed, similar to how you change the music. If this is your first bracelet, we recommend starting with the "Original" frequency. It is the strongest from the physical body view point. However, if you are mainly worried about the psychics, start with the "Infinity" frequency. If you need to harmonize the psychics and the body, we recommend choosing the "Infinity" frequency. Then you add other frequencies. The "Infinity" frequency harmonizes the psychics more, and the "Joy of life" frequency calms oversensitivity and induces a feeling of joy in life.

In other words, man is not a machine, but a complex connection of body and mind. That is why we sometimes receive feedback that our customer has chosen a bracelet that mainly harmonizes the psychics, but at the same time that customer has great physical relief and a lot of energy, and vice versa. So it's very important to understand that each frequency is good for supporting a healthy lifestyle, supports all areas (body and mind) and helps protect against electrosmog, so if you only have one bracelet, it doesn't really matter which one you choose.

The other frequencies we have are more effective in other areas, but again all frequencies work to some extent in all areas. So if you're happy with the BIONICBAND®, it's the best to have all frequencies and for full benefit change them.

"Original", "Infinity" or "Joy of life" frequencies are suitable for non-stop wearing.

"Original": Mainly harmonizes the physical body. It is a very universal frequency. It is the strongest from the view point of the physical body, it supports better posture, muscle tension and faster regeneration. A sense of power and action. BIONICBAND® bracelets in "Original" frequency you can find HERE.

"Infinity": C tone. It's a very nice tuning C tone for the cells. Such a tone of the same frequency is emitted by dolphins, which are known to have various effects on the physical and psychological levels. It supports the coordination of the right and left hemispheres of the brain and mental condition. You will feel fresh and comfortable in your body. It is very grounding. The feeling of wanting to live! From a mental point of view, it is more effective than "Original". If you are more sensitive to stress and psychics, then choose "Infinity" first. BIONICBAND® bracelets in the "Infinity" frequency you can find HERE.

"Joy of Life": Supports creativity, good mood and brings a sense of joy in life. It has soothing effects on hypersensitivity. BIONICBAND® bracelets in the "Joy of Life" frequency you can find HERE.

You can see the benefit of each frequency in the following tables. These data are only tentative and do not include the specific characteristics of each individual.




Other frequencies:

"MOOD" frequency: MOOD: A very low frequency. It is set to a frequency focused on stress relief and relaxation. It is suitable for the time when you need to calm down and relax and "switch off" a bit. It's a tranquilizer! It is a great addition to the bracelets mentioned above. Possible for non-stop wear, but sometimes it will be necessary to put it down and take our classic bracelets, because you can be more tired. BIONICBAND® bracelets in the "MOOD" frequency can be found HERE.

Frequency "EDGE" and "Kid's": It promotes more concentration and balance and is also suitable for non-stop wear. It is set to a frequency focused on better concentration. It is suitable for activities that require concentration and coordination, such as learning, golf and yoga.  BIONICBAND® bracelets in the "EDGE" and "Kid's" frequency can be found HERE.

"SLEEP" frequency: Low frequency that stimulates deep sleep. If you have problems with sleeping even if you have BIONICBAND® of other frequencies, then this is the right choice. It is used only overnight. BIONICBAND® bracelets in the "SLEEP" frequency can be found HERE.

"SPORT" frequency: Suitable for daily wear when you do sports and need more strength and energy. BIONICBAND® bracelets in the "SPORT" frequency can be found HERE


Master is a Master and moves forward in all directions! It supports thinking big. One feels the urge to accomplish what they know they must do for their necessary growth. It supports regeneration and physical endurance. However, it is an EXTRA frequency, and we do not recommend choosing it as your first bracelet! You need to have one of the basic frequencies (Original, Infinity, Joy of Life) in order to set aside Master, pick one of the basic frequencies, and take a rest 😊 However, based on feedback, it is possible that someone uses this frequency constantly, including during sleep, but it is individual, and that's why it is an EXTRA frequency and not recommended to have it as the first one. It combines well with other frequencies and, subjectively, enhances their effects.

Master is simply a Master. It supports regeneration. It pushes our limits. The will to not give up and keep going. A more youthful appearance. Advocating for our intention.

Master is a frequency generated by our brain when we move forward, when we advocate for our intention, or when we realize what our growth and expansion require.

But be careful, just like with our trainer or training, rest is also necessary. Therefore, it's good to "switch off" and choose a different frequency.

Generally, the BIGGEST EFFECT occurs when you have a bracelet with the same frequency on each side of your body! Overall, you will improve the effect by 10% to 20%.

Is it useful to combine different frequencies of BIONICBAND® bracelets?

First, we recommend that you familiarize yourself with the given frequency and wear only that one for a few days. Then you will know exactly what effect it has on you and how it fits. Only then try combinations that will feel different, as if you had a different frequency. We will be very happy for your feedback and experience with the combinations. Interesting combinations are: Original – Joy of Life, Sleeping – Joy of life, Mood – Original, Sport – Edge.

However, be careful, we do not recommend combining it with other bracelets made of stones, precious stones and semi-precious stones, which are characterized by frequency effects. It does not mean that it is not possible, only that these crystals usually have high frequencies and together with BIONICBAND® you will not have such a benefit. So do the follow: First familiarize yourself with only one frequency of the BIONICBAND® and then you can try the combination.

Important note: all data about medical effekt of frequencies listed here are only for information. It is not a guide on how to circumvent traditional treatment and use of medicines. Always keep in mind that the use of frequencies is not an alternative method to conventional medical care! If you feel symptoms of any disease, always see your doctor! Use the abilities of frequencies only as an adjunct and psychological support to conventional treatment, not as a substitute.