Frequently Asked Questions

Can I combine individual frequencies?

Yes, you can. However, you must realize that when you combine them, a essentially new frequency (chord) is created, much like when you play two tones at once in music - a new one is produced. So, if the combination suits you, then okay. However, the effects mentioned for individual frequencies apply to only that one!

What is the best frequency?

All of them are the best! Each has its benefit for everyone, but sometimes it may not "fit" at a certain moment. In that case, try it again on another day. If you don't have a BionicBand yet, start with the Original or Infinity, as described HERE.

Can I choose earrings, bracelet, or necklace?

First and foremost, choose a variant that you can comfortably wear nonstop. For example, not everyone likes to wear earrings while sleeping. In terms of practicality, our nylon bracelets marked as "practical" are the best. The advantage of earrings and necklaces is that they automatically cover both sides of the body, which may be slightly more effective, but practicality still comes first!

Does it matter where I wear the bracelet?

It doesn't really matter. Yes, it's true that the effect may vary slightly depending on where on the body you wear it, but there's no need to limit yourself. However, this may not be the case for everyone.

Can I wear the BionicBand in water and what about smartwatches?

Yes, you can. From the perspective of our frequency adjustment, you can do anything. Sauna, swimming, etc. General rules for maintaining silver or leather apply. Silver doesn't like salty water, and it's good to occasionally moisturize leather. Smartwatches are not a problem.

Why do I feel tingling, warmth, tingling, or dizziness?

Upon wearing, there's a rapid tuning of cells, and they begin to function better, which may sometimes manifest in this way, but usually fades within a few minutes. Such a reaction is normal and affects about 15% of people.

Why do I feel worse than before?

Sometimes your body needs to adjust, and you may feel unwell for a while, as if you were sick. It's often also a detoxification process. You may experience headaches, etc. Drink more water, preferably with a pinch of Himalayan salt. Typically, it subsides within a week, affecting about 5% of people.

Why can't I fall asleep with the BionicBand?

About 5% of people with BionicBand may have trouble falling asleep. This is because suddenly you have a lot of energy, and your body isn't used to it. Therefore, remove the bracelet for sleep, and try sleeping with it again in a few days. You'll likely find that you'll sleep much better with it after about a week. It would be a shame not to sleep with it because sleep is very important, and it's good to have the best possible quality of sleep.

I heard that the Earth's frequency is rising and whether the BionicBand adapts to it?

Whether the Earth's frequency is rising or whether the Schumann resonance is increasing doesn't matter. Why? Because our brain will continue to operate within its given range. For example, to enter deep sleep, it must produce a very low frequency, and it will remain consistently low. This applies to any of its activities. Nevertheless, all these frequencies around us are overwritten by intense and artificially created electrosmog (Wi-Fi, mobile phones, TV, etc.). We are literally bathed in enormous electromagnetic noise, and the natural and beneficial frequency of the planet is now an unavailable comfort. BionicBand has frequencies that our brain and body know and use. Our dreams, goals, and thinking for the future lie precisely in these very low and harmonious frequencies. That's why many customers feel so good and calmer - perhaps for the first time in their lives, they can perceive our natural frequencies, similar to being in deep nature, by waterfalls, or in the sea.

Why do I feel nothing?

BionicBand and all its frequencies work at 100%! We have thoroughly verified this over our 17 years of existence, and it has also been confirmed in independent studies. One study was even conducted solely on living cells (here), which cannot be deceived 😊. So, there is no doubt about its functionality. However, the fact that some people subjectively do not notice any changes is another matter and does not mean it doesn't work. The most common reasons may include insufficient fluid intake or taking certain medications, psychotropic drugs, or painkillers. It is also important to realize that sometimes it takes more time for the body to recover and address issues that have been building up over the years. How many things have been tried and yet the problems persist? BionicBand is a helper for people who are trying to work on themselves and also change other aspects of their lives, such as diet, and their own approach to life. Those who follow this path sometimes experience incredible results and changes! And don't forget, you have a 30-day trial period and a money-back guarantee.