BIONICBAND® bracelets are set for frequencies on which the brain and cells work. By using Bionic Resonance Technology (BRT), developed in the USA, the metal or silicone parts of the bracelet transmit this frequency immediately trough the contact with the skin, due to the fact that the body is made up mainly of water. Water then transfers this frequency to the cells. CHEMICAL FREE, NATURALLY, SAFE


Find out more How does BIONICBAND® work HERE.


Many of our customers report:

  • immediate pain relief,
  • improving energy, strength and balance
  • sleep improvement
  • zero electrosmog load when measured with a BICOM (frequency device)
  • gradually improve overall health and reduce morbidity

A recent independent study by the German Dartsch Scientific Institut Für Zellbiologische testsysteme has shown that BIONICBAND® improves cell vitality by 10-15% (fibroblasts), leading to improved overall vitality and well-being. Improving the immune system (up to 25% improvement in the components of the immune system). The full test report can be found here: Test Report_07.01.2022 

Test report_1

In the other study, a cell biological test assay was used to investigate whether BIONICBAND® might be able to protect against exogenous oxidative stress. Oxidative stress is an imbalance between free radicals and antioxidants in your body and so our cells die prematurely. In practice, it means that it causes premature aging, cell renewal disorders and serious diseases. Exogenous oxidative stress plays a key role in several pathogenic processes caused by environmental pollution or due to unwanted electromagnetic fields from mobile phones or data communication devices (elektrosmog).

The test showed that BIONICBAND® increases cellular resistance to exogenous oxidative stress in situations where the body is involved in regenerative or healing processes. Cells had a 10-12% higher viability with BIONICBAND® than the control group without BIONICBAND®. You can find the whole test HERE: Test report_oxidative stress_12.03.2022  


How to choose BIONICBAND®?

In the first place, I would recommend the frequency "Original", "Infinity" or "Joy of life". They are suitable for non-stop use. "Infinity" will probably be a little more pleasant for women and "Original" for men. So take this as a basis. Overall, health will improve, cells will tune and be more resistant to disease, stress and electrosmog.

"Original" is set for frequency of Shumann resonances (find more HERE). This frequency is very healing and provides better posture, muscle tension and faster regeneration. It is a very universal and healing frequency. Total regeneration, secretion of growth hormone, stimulation of the pineal gland, fatigue and exhaustion, sinusitis, tinnitus, headache, cold, etc. BIONICBAND® bracelets in the "Original" frequency can be found HERE.

"Infinity" (in the area of Shumann resonances). It's a very nice tuning tone "C" for cells. Such a tone of the same frequency is transmitted by dolphins and is known to have healing effects physically and mentally. It helps coordinate the right and left hemispheres of the brain, repair DNA, stimulates the immune system, intestiny, kidneys, adrenal glands, bladder and genitals, etc. You will feel fresh and comfortable in the body. Mentally, it is more effective than "Original". It is very grounding and one feels very comfortable in the body. If you are more sensitive to stress, then choose "Infinity" first. BIONICBAND® bracelets in the "Infinity" frequency can be found HERE.

"Joy of life"This frequency supports the creation, good mood and brings a feeling of joy of life, also helps with allergies. Relieves headaches from muscle tension, abdominal, back and knee pain, increased thyroid gland, insomnia, celiac disease, sun allergies, neuropathy and nerve problems, regeneration after a stroke, etc. BIONICBAND® bracelets in the "Joy of life" frequency can be found HERE.

Other frequencies:

"MOOD" frequency: A very low frequency that relaxes the brain and lumbar area of spine. You will feel "soften" and relaxed, something like having a shot :-). It's a calmer! It is a great addition to the frequencies Original, Infinity and Joy of life. Can be used for non-stop wear, but I recommend not use it non-stop, because you can be more tired.  BIONICBAND® bracelets in the "MOOD" frequency can be found HERE.

Frequency "EDGE" and "Kid's": Supports more concentration and balance and is also suitable for non-stop use. This frequency support sacral area of the body and the organs in it. Sexuality, kidneys, urinary tract, gynecological problems, etc. BIONICBAND® bracelets in the "EDGE" and "Kid's" frequency can be found HERE.

"SLEEP" frequency: low frequency that stimulates deep sleep. If you have problems with sleeping even if you have BIONICBAND® of other frequencies, then this is the right choice. It is used only overnight. BIONICBAND® bracelets in the "SLEEP" frequency can be found HERE.

"SPORT" frequency: This frequency stimulates the blood and lymphatic circulation. Suitable for daily wear when you play sports and need more strength and energy. Don't use it non-stop. BIONICBAND® bracelets in the "SPORT" frequency can be found HERE

Generally, we have found that the best functionality of bracelets is when you have two bracelets with the same frequency and place one on the right and the other on the left side of the body. Overall, you will improve the effect on the body (10% to 20%). We do not recommend wearing at the same time bracelets or pendants made of stones or crystals, which themselves have their frequencies, usually quite high, so it will disturb the effect of BIONICBAND®. It will disturb, similar to musical tones - they must also fit together, otherwise it is a riot that cannot be listened. So because the BIONICBAND® is the "tone" for cells, it has to be well tuned in order to work :-).

Important note: all data about medical effekt of frequencies listed here are only for information. It is not a guide on how to circumvent traditional treatment and use of medicines. Always keep in mind that the use of frequencies is not an alternative method to conventional medical care! If you feel symptoms of any disease, always see your doctor! Use the abilities of frequencies only as an adjunct and psychological support to conventional treatment, not as a substitute.